“A splendid range of dishes served in the heart of Jakarta in an edgy contemporary post-colonial inspired venue.”

Located in the heart of Jakarta in the prominent Sudirman CBD, the Pallas Restaurant, Lounge and Bar is part of the huge and very impressive multi-purpose event space of the same name. The restaurant offers a delicious and authentic selection of beautifully presented Nusantara cuisine, including its select High Tea and a range of sumptuous traditional-inspired desserts like Jackfruit Sorbet, Es Campur Onde-Onde, Getuk LIndri and Nagasari. The à la carte menu features all the classics, including a large number of Sumatran, Javanese and Celebes speciality dishes such as Daging Tuturuga, beef braised in a thick turmeric broth for 72 hours. The highlight is The Pallas’ signature rijsttafel, which takes diners on an expansive culinary voyage from west to east across Indonesia and includes a sambal sampler and two choices of signature rice.