“A culinary acculturation of Javanese, Chinese and Dutch cuisines from Jakarta’s yesteryear.”

Olden-times Jakarta, or Batavia, was a melting pot of cultures, habits and cuisines primarily derived from the native Javanese, Chinese settlers and Dutch colonists; the result was referred to as babah.  This is the theme running through Dapur Babah Elite, clearly shown in the mass of antiques, portraits, statues, paintings and furniture found throughout the variety of rooms, each with its own culinary and décor focus. The signature babah, or peranakan, food is typified by items such as Tahoe Goreng Petis, Petjel Pintjoek, Ikan Goreng Moelet Garing Boembon and the famed Nasi Tjampoer Babah, which comprises nine dishes including sautéed tempeh, marinated beef and shrimp skewers. The most popular dessert, modern versions of which are still eaten daily in the capital city, is Es Tjampoer Babah; shaved ice with young coconut, tropical fruit, coconut milk and selasih seeds.