“As grandkemang Jakarta’s main pastry corner, D’Courtyard is ready to deliver delectable pastries and cakes to make every occasion special.”

grandkemang Jakarta is a chic hotel with design aspects inspired by contemporary fashion and style. The hotel embraces individuality in every sense, which is captured in its “Colour Your World” concept, meaning that the hotel strives to provide highly personalised service while carrying inspiration, warmth and comfort to all its guests. No two staying experiences will be the same for each guest. Built on the same principle, D’Courtyard is the hotel’s main cake and pastry establishment that offers a selection of fine French pastries, bakery and other delightful cakes. Whether it is an exclusive hamper as a gift while visiting relatives, or simply a customised anniversary cake for your parents’ golden anniversary, D’Courtyard is never short on ideas to keep you satisfied.