“Luxury batik apparel and accessories showcasing the beauty of traditional Indonesian art.”

Indonesia is famous for its gorgeous, high-quality batik and its highly skilled batik artisans. Parang Kencana upholds this traditional art form and creates attractive batik designs interpreted into stunning cloth made into stylish men’s and ladies’ wear, as well as eye-catching shawls and sarongs. Founded over two decades ago by Mariana Sutandi, each piece of Parang Kencana batik is created using traditional techniques by skilled artisans, even as the brand has evolved to offer a range of modern and classic fashion lines and home decor accessories. Parang Kencana is a recognized leader in luxury batik apparel and Indonesian accessories, committed to Indonesia’s heritage and artisans, continuing to innovate and explore while remaining true to the art of batik, continuously reimagining batik for a modern age.