“A VIP welcome and some of the best sukiyaki, shabu-shabu and teppanyaki in town”

Located on the fourth floor of Plaza Senayan mall, Katsura specializes in high-quality sukiyaki, shabu-shabu and teppanyaki backed up by an excellent collection of shochu and sake and highly personalised service. The stylish restaurant was designed by Soichi Mitzutani and features three teppanyaki rooms, a main dining hall with communal table and four private VIP rooms. Using fresh and imported ingredients from Japan, such as kobe beef and king crab, the menu offers favourites like chicken karaage and wagyu teriyaki alongside teppanyaki dishes cooked at your table to ensure freshness and quality. Sukiyaki is simmered at the table and served with dipping options of raw Japanese egg, while shabu-shabu, a savoury hot pot, is slowly cooked in a nutritional broth. There is a good selection of wines, spirits, fresh fruit drinks and other soft drinks, as well as traditional Japanese tea, sake and shochu.